"Michelle has been my massage therapist for over a year now. She helped keep me comfortable during my pregnancy and helped work out the kinks after. Not only is she skilled as a massage therapist but takes the time to listen to you and your concerns, so you are truly more comfortable after your session." - Kelli B. 

"Michele is a wonderful massage therapist!  She is very flexible and I always end up feeling relaxed after a session with her." - Brittany R. 

"Simply amazing. I needed LOTS of work and my body felt wonderful after my session with Michelle. I've seen at least 30 massage therapists in my lifetime and Michelle is definitely amoungst the very best!" - Niki L.

"I had reached out to Michele in hopes of having her help alleviate a chronic pain that I been experiencing for around 2 months in my IT Band which felt like a constant ache/burn. After an hour of Deep Tissue work, what can be described as relaxing and agonizing pain, I got off the table not knowing if I should say thanks or call the cops for possible assault charges. During the entire massage, Michele kept reminding me to relax and breathe which was a feat in itself considering what I was feeling. But like a magnet, she was able to pinpoint the exact locations causing the pain and work from the bottom up to correct the problem. The next day I was expecting more pain or bruising from the night before, but to my surprise there wasn\'t any and the constant ache that I had been feeling for a month was also no longer there. I had previously tried multiple stretches, heating pads and trigger point rollers which could not accomplish what she did in one hour. I have been back multiple times after that for a completely relaxing massage as well as other trouble areas which she has always been able to provide the results I was hoping for." - George L.

"I had the pleasure of using Michele as my massage therapist throughout my pregnancy.  I truly do not know what I would have done without her!  She was very skilled at relieving my lower back pain and pregnancy induced carpal tunnel. She also gave me great tips and stretching advice to help alleviate some of my pain and swelling in between appointments.  I enjoyed her services so much my monthly appointments became bimonthly, then weekly and eventually biweekly leading up to my delivery.  I would recommend Michele to all my friends and family.  She is the best!" - Michelle B


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