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Fascia Blasting

Every muscle and structure in your body is enveloped and joined by an interconnected tissue network. This tissue is called fascia, and massaging it with The FasciaBlaster® can provide a number of benefits* including:


Lessening the look of cellulite

Reducing pain

Accelerating muscle recovery

Improving blood flow

Increasing flexibility

*Actual results may vary


90 minute full body sessions using a variety of Fascia blasters, including the face blaster for face/scalp/hands/feet and small nooks and crannies. Brief massage to apply lotion and warm up the skin before using the blaster and then massage after each area is blasted to flush/drain and promote circulation.

The Fascia Blasters are fascia tools used for opening fascia at the deeper layers and loosening fascial adhesions, scar tissue, cellulite (unhealthy bound fascia). The FasciaBlaster® was designed, engineered, and manufactured by Ashley Black and can be used on any area of the body. Regular use of the FasciaBlaster® can help reduce pain and improve flexibility, joint function, circulation, muscle definition and performance, nerve activity, and enhanced beauty including the reduction of CELLULITE.

Reddening of the skin is desired as the goal is it increase circulation and bring healthy oxygenated blood to the area. 

Assumption of risk and warnings, please read: Assumption of risk and warnings for use of fascia blasters

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